30 Day Shred: Day 7, Level 1


I feel like I half-assed the whole thing. I was so sore from my long walk yesterday and I kept crapping out on the exercises. I was literally grunting and screaming during the whole workout today. What is wrong with me?


I just laid on the floor for the majority of the bicycle crunches. I just couldn’t :(

I hate feeling defeated.

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30 Day Shred: Day 6, Level 1

Took a day off yesterday, but I’m back on the wagon. I still felt the burn, but I did it with my 3lb dumbbells since my friend, Brett, came over to do the workout with me. I always thought I was just weak, but he was sweating too and had to stop as much as I did and he lifts weights regularly. 

I feel good about today, and I made it through almost everything with a few breaks :)

I think I’m going to go for a walk now too! :D That will make up for missing my workout yesterday!

Jun 07 18:54
30 Day Shred: Day 5, Level 1

I won’t lie to you, I thought I was going to die today

The workout seems shorter than it usually did though. I think the switch to the 5lb dumbbells was good for me though. With the exception of the side lunges where you raise your arms. I just couldn’t get through many of those again. 

I pushed harder still through most of the workouts even if I always crap out during the first cardio a little. My breaks are getting shorter. I’m seeing a change. I also did not even stop ONCE through the bicycle crunches at the end. NOT EVEN ONCE.

If any of you are doing to 30 Day Shred, feel free to message me. We’re all in this together <3

Jun 05 13:02
30 Day Shred: Day 4, Level 1

Today I had more endurance throughout most of the exercises with a few exceptions. I upped the weights to 5lb dumbbells as opposed to 3lb dumbbells and I was feeling it.  I find it REALLY helps to not listen to Jillian and have some fast paced music in my ear that way I can’t hear her counting down because that’s usually when I give in. 

When it came to the side lunges where you raise your arms, my poor arms couldn’t take anymore. They were shaking and I was pretty much trying to throw them in the air so I mostly stuck to just the lunges. No shame, I was using heavier weights and sweating like a badass.

On a good note: My breaks were shorter and I pushed through most of those bicycle crunches I had trouble with yesterday. Still having trouble with the first round of cardio though.

Overall, today was easier and I pushed harder.

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30 Day Shred: Day 3, Level 1

It DOES get easier, seriously.

I stopped a lot less and found myself pushing through the end of most of the exercises. Still a bit of difficulty with some though, especially arms.

And at the end, I could only do like half the bicycle crunches, I kept stopping. 

Oh well, I did it. 3 days down.

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30 Day Shred: Day 2, Level 1

I didn’t stop as much today but I still can’t make it through the second cardio round. I find it incredibly hard to “jump rope” properly and do the jacks with my arms and legs hurting so much from the squats and push ups. 

I’m still doing the easier push-ups :( Hopefully I’ll be able to do real ones before this is over.

Even though I got through it, I feel disappointed in myself? I can’t figure out how to get the side lunges right and sometimes I just get so tired.

I was still sweating though.

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30 Day Shred: Day 1, Level 1

I did it. It wasn’t as hard as I thought it was going to be, but it was still too tough at times. I’m proud to say I managed to make it through the whole workout with a few breaks (most were less than 5 seconds). 

There was once when I took a 20-30 second break during jumping rope. I needed water and felt like I was dying. I’m sweating all over, my arms are sore, but I know this means I’ve accomplished something. I did the beginner push ups, but I’m still feeling them.

Half way through the DVD I almost turned it off and laid on the ground, but I just kept going.

Despite everything, I’m proud of myself.

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